About Us

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Cheryl by the Supernatural car at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas.

About Comic Books 4 Girls:

As the days approached to the premiere of the movie Thor (2011), I came to an interesting realization.  I was on Facebook and wrote in my status how excited I was for the movie but most of my friends weren’t excited like I was.  Thor was one of my favorite characters and I was so happy to see him on the big screen, especially after the great Iron Man movies that Marvel made.  I was suddenly aware that I really didn’t have any friends that are into comics.

My childhood was rather unique because I lived in other countries due to my father’s career in the oil industry.  I didn’t move back to the United States until I started college.  As such, comic books weren’t easy to come by.  In fact, they only shipped their subscriptions to the states.  I had to have my comics shipped to my grandmother’s in the states and read them over the summer.  Because of their rarity, none of my other friends were into comics.

Facebook was a great way to connect to people, so I just knew that I could find a page of like minded girls to share my passion with.  Although there were other pages by girls that liked comics, they didn’t seem to pull together other girls that like comics too.    I wanted a place where girls could feel free to give their opinions without being belittled and talk about girl specific stuff.  I wanted a place where we can share cool comic book jewelry and clothes with; things that guys wouldn’t be interested in.  I decided to try and make my own facebook page with this in mind.

After two years of administering the Comic Books 4 Girls page, I have never felt so connected to a community of girls that love comic books.  I was also surprized by the amount of guys that also liked the page.  The ones that post always do so with the effort helping expand the comic book world for women.  I am so proud of everyone on that page and hope that more girls will grow to love comic books too.