Action Movie Kid Videos

Star Wars lightsaber


One of the things that I just love about kids is their imagination when playing as superheroes.  They can take just a couple of blocks and then they have a fully functional laser gun!  I remember playing ThunderCats with my sister when we were little and the furniture became trees in the forest.  We would hop around pretending to be hopping from one tree to the next.  As a mom, I would get such a kick out of playing with my kids and pretending to see what they did in their imagination.  When I came across Movie Action Kid’s videos, I instantly loved them.  Each of these videos feature James, the Movie Action Kid and him playing as an ordinary kid.  Then his dad added special effects to the videos making them astounding.  Now you can see what kids “see” when they play.  Add to this the comic book heroes and Star Wars characters and you get a home run!  If you haven’t seen any of the Action Movie Kid videos, check them out at

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